Bad Boy MZ42


The Zero Bad Boy Mz42 Giro Specked belongs to the MZ Mz range of Giro Zero Bad Boy, which are much cheaper and affordable than the Bad Boy Czt42 or Bad Bad Boy Czt50s. The Mz 42 spectacés obtains its power from a Briggs and Stratton engine of 21 hp. This engine uses an air cooling system and is a monocylindrical model. The total motor volume is 0. 54 liters. The engine uses a standard air filter to prevent dust and other particles from entering the engine. The fuel filter prevents contaminants from the fuel tank from being introduced into the engine. It can be said that this corteped is aimed at residential users since the fuel tank is a little smaller than most other Badboy machines. It can only contain up to 11. 4 liters of gasoline.

The engine activates the rear wheels through a double hydrostatic transmission system that provides the BAD Boy Mz42 infinite speeds with a maximum speed of 9. 7 km/h (6 mph). The mz 42 cut platform is 42 inches wide (obviously!). This cover is made of steel that is 1/8 ″ thick. The platform is floating and inside there are 3 blades, each with a width of 14. 5 inches. The blades are made of 0. 25 inches thick steel that has been thermally treated so that they last longer before having to be replaced. On the cutting platform there are a series of small plastic wheels that prevent the code from being key on the ground.

There is a larger model of the Bad Boy Mz42 cortempted that has a larger engine and a broader cut width. This is the Zero Bad Boy Mz48 Giro Specked.

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