Cub Cadet Tank S6031


The Cub Cadet Tank S6031 Zero Turn Mower can have the same cutting width as zero turn mowers like the Cub Cadet Tank L60, Cub Cadet Tank M60-KH and Cub Cadet Tank M60-KW. What’s interesting though is that even though this is a zero turn model, it uses a steering wheel instead of twin bars to control it. This makes it much easier for most people to use compared to conventional zero-turn mowers. The engine that powers the Z6031 is a super powerful Kawasaki V twin. This engine produces 31 HP of power and has a pressure lubrication system. The engine uses a heavy duty dual element air cleaner to prevent dust and other particles from entering the combustion chambers where they can potentially disrupt the combustion process and also clog the engine.

The Cub Cadet Tank S6031 mower’s engine is powered by gasoline from dual tanks that hold a maximum of 11 gallons of gasoline. This gigantic fuel capacity is indicative that the S 6031 is a commercial vehicle. Engine power is transferred to the wheels by a combination of Hydro-Gear PK12 dual pumps and Parker wheel motors. This system gives the mower a top speed of 16. 1 km/h.

The Cub Cadet Tank S6031 uses Cub Cadet’s Synchro Steer technology which allows it to have a steering wheel instead of a set of bars to control it. Unlike many zero-turn mowers that have very small front wheels, the front wheels on the S 6031 are actually quite large. Each measures 16×6. 5-8 (16-inch diameter, 6. 5-inch width, 8-inch rim diameter). The rear wheels that drive the machine forward are 24×12-12 (24-inch diameter, 12-inch wide, 12-inch rim diameter). The cutting deck on this mower has a 60-inch cutting width.

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