Ariens Pro 26 Snow Blower


The Ariens Pro 26 Snow Blower is a very powerful piece of kit. This launch is operated via an engine of the King of Snow of Tecumseh that gives this baby 9. 5 horsepower to play with. The engine has a displacement of 0. 32 liters and is 4 times. The engine starts plugging it into and simply by pressing a button or can be started by pulling it with its setback mechanism if you are not close to any plug. The fuel tank in the snow pitcher of Ariens Pro 26 is capable of supporting 3. 8 liters of diesel that allow you to keep working with the machine for long periods before the need for fuel reappretion.

The cutting width of the machine as you have probably already guessed is 26 inches (or 0. 66 meters for those of you who prefer the metric system). However, the total width of the machine is 0. 72 m (28. 5 inches). The Ariens Pro 26 snow blower length is 1. 56 m (61. 5 inches), while from the ground level to its highest point, it measures 1. 14 m (45 inches). With these dimensions, one might think that the machine is very heavy. But is not. It weighs 127. 9 kg, so it is relatively light.

The endless used in the Ariens Pro 26 launches is quite large with a diameter of 0. 41 m (16 inches) that can take care of most types of snow easily thanks to its dental edges. The driver located in the center of the Ariens Pro 26 snow blower has a diameter of 0. 36 m (14 inches) that sends the snow through the duct and up to 15. 2 m (50 feet) away. If you are looking for a snow blower that is slightly smaller than snow blower Ariens Pro 26, you should think about the snow blower Ariens Compact 22 or in the snow blower Ariens Compact 24.

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