White Outdoor SB945 Snow Blower


The White Outdoor SB945 snow blower is a very large machine and has a cleaning width of 1. 14 m (45 inches) as well as the White Outdoor 14545SW snow blower of 45 inches. Double stage SB945 quittings is propelled by a 4-stroke Snow King engine that provides a maximum power of 13 hp. It starts plugging it into the electricity grid and simply by pressing the electric start switch. Or if you are not close to a power outlet, you can start the ol d-fashioned chipper using a cable setback system.

While the cleaning width White Outdoor SB945 is 45 inches, it has an aspiration height of 0. 56 m (22 inches). Inside the qunitaves there are endless fold steel that easily cuts the snow in front of them. At the same time that cuts the snow, it displaces it towards the center of the machine, where the driver is located. The driver has a huge diameter of 0. 41 m (16 inches) and consists of 4 steel blades. The driver revolves so fast that snow aspires and expels it through the duct at high speed, sending it away from the place where it was collected.

The doubl e-stage snow blower White Outdoor SB945 is based on 4 x trac tires, each of which has a width of 0. 17 m (6. 5 inches) giving the machine a lot of good traction when traveling on surfaces thatThey are not particularly firm. The weight of this machine is 220 kg (485 pounds), which is understandable given its size. It comes with a 2-year guarantee for any individual who buys it, while if you are a commercial company that buys this guarantee only extends to the first 90 days.

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