Simplicity P1524E Snow Blower


The Simplicity P1524E snow blower is the smallest model of the Signatrio Pro Commercial Dual Dual Stage of Simplicity snow blowers. With a cleaning width of 0. 61 m (24 inches), the P1524E is actually smaller than the Simplicity L1528E snowboard and the Simplicity L1730E snow blower, but it is significantly larger and more powerful than any of the blowersof compact snow of a single stage of Simplicity. The engine that feeds the P1524E is Briggs and Stratton Motor of the professional series. It is a 4 times which means that you never have to worry about mixing the fuel, you just have to add oil and gasoline to the snow blower independently. The fuel tank of this qunitan has capacity for 3. 8 liters of gasoline.

The transmission of the Simplicity P1524E snow blower provides a variable speed control and is housed in an extra strong iron transmission box. Luckily, the P1524E uses Power Boost technology so that the snow blower works much more efficiently. Power Boost technology automatically detects how much power is needed to operate correctly and clean the snow in front of it, eliminating much of the equation operator effort.

The cleaning width of the Simplicity P1524E snow blower is 0. 61 m (24 inches), while the height of the “ladle” housing is 0. 5 m (19. 75 inches). The auger of this snow blower measures 0. 36 m (14 inches) wide. It is made of teeth. Move the snow to the driver, which is made up of 4 steel blades. The driver pushes the snow through the duct and moves it to 12. 2 m (40 feet) of the cleaning zone. Although this is the basic model of the Pro Commerial Duty 2 Stage, it will almost always be powerful enough for most snow cleaning work.

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