Lawn Boy 20 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower


The snow blower of the single stage of the 2 0-inch lawn boy is just 1 inch smaller than the snow blower of the single stage of the 2 1-inch grass boy. In many ways it is very similar to his brother’s brother. In the first place there are 2 very similar versions of this 2 0-inch snow blower, as are 2 versions of the snow blower of a 2 1-inch Lawn Boy stage. Version 33005 is launched by means of a tensile cable boot system that requires a little strength, while version 33006 is launched by an electrical start system of 120 volts or by means of a traction cable. In addition to starting systems, everything about these 2 0-inch snow blowers is identical.

The snow blower of one stage Lawn Boy 20 ″ works with a 2-stroke Briggs and Stratton motor. This engine has a displacement of 0. 14 liters and extracts the fuel from a fuel tank with capacity for 0. 95 liters of gasoline, allowing more than 1 hour of continuous operation. The rubber barren rotates extremely fast, providing both forward movement and snowing in front of it. Once the snow is crumbled and loose, it feeds towards the duct where the endless gives it enough strength to expel it at more than 10. 7 m (35 feet) of the cleaning zone.

The 2 0-inch Lawn Boy Lanzanieves duct turns manually and is made of polymer to avoid accumulations and obstructions. At the end of the duct there is a deflector that also adjusts manually and that allows the operator to have great precision in terms of the direction to which the snow directs. The machine weighs 35. 4 kg (78 pounds) that is incredibly light and makes it easy to store. This snow blower also comes with a 2-year guarantee to all residential customers.

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