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The John Deere X500 Speaker Tractor is the first of the JD X500 series of Specifies that debuted in 2006 and that as of 2010 is still in production. The JD X500 is built and manufactured at the Horicon JD plant in Horicon, Wisconsin. This tractor is propelled by a Kawasaki FH721V gasoline engine, V Twin. This 2-cylinder engine and natural aspiration has a displacement of 0. 7 liters, which provides the tractor for a maximum power of 25 hp, easily sufficiently sufficient for most of the mowing works to which the JD X500 will face. The engine must be constantly reviewed to make sure it is full with approximately 1. 9 liters of oil to keep it lubricated and avoid premature wear.

There are other models in the X500 Garden Speaker X500 series that include the John Deere X540 maid and the Jardin Jardin Deere X585 garden tractor. All these cutcases share a series of common features: all the JD X500 series spectats come with Twintouch pedals that help greatly reduce driver’s effort when accelerating, slowing down and slowing down. Although each model comes as standard with a cutting platform of different size, all of them incorporate the EDGE XTRA System of John Deere to guarantee more precise and uniform cuts, unlike some cortened tractors that give that horrible aspect of half cut to thegrass.

The John Deere X500 Specker Tractor can be acquired with a 4 8-inch standard cut platform or with a 5 4-inch cutting platform. The operating weight of the vehicle as a whole with the 4 8-inch coupled cut platform is 367 kg (809 lbs). It measures 2. 01 m (79 inches) long, while its width is 1. 04 m (41 inches) without coupled cut platform. Obviously, these measures will increase depending on the size of the cutting platform that is installed. For more information about this model, you can consult it on the official JD page by clicking here.

9 Reviews of the John Deere X500

Good machine. Not as good as the old LX178 with liquid cooling engine or the old 317. As most things, built cheaper / cost more. They still prefer or kubota, Cub Cadet or Husqvarna distributor of grade grass tractors. Mi 2007 JD X500 has 380 hours in the spring of 2022. I hope to get another 10 years. Now that I have a launch (last 4 years) I use it

50hrs/year. 10 years are just 500 more hours for a total of less than 900 hours.

I would buy another similar JD. By the time I bought another will probably be above 15K.

We got a prettier grass with our old LX188 than with our X540. I don’t think I buy JD next time. I was looking at 1025 but it will probably go with Kubota.

I bought in the spring of 2015 so they have had 5 complete seasons of cutting approximately 4 acres of green matter. I doubt the grass. Most are old pastures. The machine receives a beating and continues to work. Apart from changing the straps and blades, the only problems I have had has been the change of a battery and the breakage of a joint. That is not too bad considering the thing is used 12 months a year in the south of Mississippi. My only complaint is that it is very difficult to put and remove the cover. The bolts in a spring operated in a previous comment are really difficult to release or replace. I am afraid every time I have to change the strap of the top platform. The cover itself could have better leaf guards too. I have the 48 ″ platform.

I also transport many heavy loads of earth and wood and sometimes water and this tractor has a lot of power. I am about to replace it because I am tired of dealing with the cover. I think I’m going to get a zero turn and a trailer behind corteped to use with the X500 and keep it around to transport things.

Explain your land to your distributor, he will advise you regarding the model you need for use. The X-500 is perfect for me, and my grass.

The X500 has been a good alternative to the compact MF with a brush cutter for a faster, smoother walk for the preparation of the field, pull the cover and the blade as high as he will go, the protector of the inclined channel burstsUp and supervises closely the inclined channel for the jams and click on and stop the blades quite easily if you are not Uber Attentive! JD makes a more robust rider than most of the other brands and for that reason this is my third rider in many years.

The X500 was a cheap alternative to 345, which was one of the best grass tractors I have had. By the way, I bought this particular machine in Tri-Green Equipment in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, which is one of the busiest businesses in the area. They have a 2-3 months waiting list for grass cutting services even though they say doing it in a week or two ……. I used to have my team John Deere service at Rowlands Implement in Lebanon, But unfortunately, he went out of service ………… Now I have to travel 80 miles back and forth to get service parts.

Donald Shepherd, where did you buy your hood? The same happened to mine and I need to replace it. Thanks.

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