John Deere 950


The John Deere 950 was produced for 11 years, from 1978 to 1989. It was part of a series of tractors that included the John Deere 1050. It is a compact tractor powered by a Yanmar 3-cylinder, 1-cylinder, naturally aspirated diesel engine. 7 liters that provides 27 CV. This power is transmitted at a top speed of 12. 1 mph through 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Engine overheating is prevented with a liquid cooling system that requires 6. 2 liters of coolant to fill.

Its hydraulic system was improved in 1984. It originally required 18 liters of hydraulic fluid, but after its update, newer models required slightly more, 19. 9 liters. Meanwhile, it has a fuel tank with a capacity for 32. 2 liters of diesel. There was a choice of chassis on the John Deere 950. You could choose between a 4×2 2WD chassis or a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis. The JD 950’s shipping weight was 3, 000 lb (1, 360 kg), but once fully operational its weight dropped to 2, 700 lb (1, 224 kg). Ballast can also be added to the 950 to ensure it does not tip over when the front loader is attached. This ballast brought the weight of the tractor to 1, 639 kg (3, 615 lbs).

The John Deere 950 is a well-loved and used compact tractor (why else has it not been in such a long production run?) as it has a wide variety of attachment options. Its natural front loader is the John Deere 80, which has a bucket width of 1. 34 m (53 in), while bucket breakout force is 934 kg (2, 060 lb). The reach of the bucket is 1. 35 m at ground level. It also has a backhoe loader, the John Deere 8A, which weighs 430 kg and has a bucket breakout force of 1, 451 kg. This versatile compact tractor continues to be a firm favorite with commercial operators, as well as small farmers, due in large part to these 2 great implements.

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