John Deere 9330


The John Deere 9330 4 × 4 drag tractor is a beast. It is much larger and more powerful than the tractor John Deere 9230, but it is not as great as the John Deere 9630. The tractor production is carried out at the JD assembly plant that is in Waterloo that is in the state ofIowa. This tractor is only available with a 4WD chassis. The dimensions of JD 9330 are quite interesting, especially when compared to those of a normal JD tractor. Its wheelbase is 3. 5 m and has a minimum rotation radius of 4. 45 m. The weightless weight of the tractor is 16, 915 kg with double tires.

Obviously, the engine that propels the huge and heavy tractor John Deere 9330 must be very large and live up to work. It is a Powertech Plus engine designed and manufactured by John Deere that has 13. 5 liters and 6 cylinders. The engine is turbocharged, which gives it a power of 375 hp. The engine is refrigerated by liquid and works with a compression ratio of 16 to 1. Air admission is cleaned through a double element of paper air filter.

The power of the John Deere 9330 engine is transferred to the wheels by one of the 2 different transmissions that you can choose when buying it. One of them is the Powersync transmission, which provides the machine and 6 of backward to the machine. The other is a Powershift transmission that gives the tractor 18 marches when it goes forward and 6 to go back. The gear change is made by a wet clutch. In JD 9330 you can choose between several hooks. One is 4n/3 category, 3-point hook, while the other is 4/4n category, 3-point hook. The maximum rear hitc h-hitch capacity is 6940 kg (15300 lbs).

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