John Deere 400


John Deere is a very popular brand in the world of tractor manufacturing. The company has been able to manufacture good quality tractors that have served the interests of its users for many, many years. One of John Deere’s most prominent aspects is that he constantly strives to offer better quality models.

The John Deere 400 is mainly a garden tractor. The model is known for its extremely efficient performance and its high quality characteristics and ease of use. The production of this model began in 1975 in the United States of America. This was the period in which John Deere began to rise with some of his best tractors. These tractors were really fantastic and contributed a new dimension to the aspects of agriculture, garden maintenance and grass care. Production lasted until 1983.

The engine has been designed and manufactured by Kohler. The engine model is KQ532. The John Deere 400 has a 19. 9 hp engine. Such high motor power is one of the points in favor of this model, in the case of a garden segment tractor. The engine works with gasoline. The fuel capacity is 17. 0 liters. The engine itself is 2 cylinders. This is considered a strong point of this model, since not many garden segment tractors have 2 cylinders.

One of the characteristics of the John Deere 400 that instantly guaranteed his popularity was the fact that he has an infinite range of front marches, as well as reverse. This makes the tractor be used in any type of land without worrying about performance. The John Deere 400 has hydrostatic transmission.

Areas in which the John Deere 400 stands out

Most John Deere 400 users will tell you that this model is a soft cutter. Another point to highlight of this model is the efficiency that shows even in humid and heavy grass. There are not many garden tractors and cutters that offer the type of performance offered by the John Deere 400 on uphill surfaces. The tools and equipment used by John Deere to build this model are of the highest levels of quality that this desirable mobile machine makes.

More than two decades ago that this model was stopped. However, the model is considered one of its best even today.

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