Bad Boy MZ48


The Zero Bad Boy Mz48 Giro Specked is the largest model of Bad Boy Mz42. Both spectacles are from the Asequible Mz range of Badboy that are marketed towards individuals compared to commercial contractors (despite the fact that contractors use MZ 48 too). The corteped has a 4 8-inch cut width. This platform works in a 3-inch range, from a minimum of 1 inch above the ground to a maximum of 4 inches above the ground. The platform rises and lowers with a foo t-assisted elevation mechanism. The platform is made of 0. 125 inches thickness that does not bend, break or fold easily. The blades are operated by the engine by means of a belt transmission system.

The engine that acts both the blades and the wheels of the zer o-turnal bad Bad Mz48 spin is a Briggs and Stratton model of gasoline with a total displacement of 0. 725 liters. The engine is a tw o-cylinder model and uses a total pressure lubrication system to keep the mobile parts completely lubricated throughout the operation. The engine starts with a contact key. Once running, the battery is recharged by an alternator of 16 amps connected to the engine.

If you are looking for a cut that can easily handle between 1 and 4 grass acres, then the Bad Boy Mz48 is for you. It weighs 273. 1 kg, which makes it much lighter than most other Bad Boy machines. The total length of the corteped is 67. 75 inches. The rear wheels of Mz 48, through which the power is transferred, measure 18 × 9. 5-8 (18 inches in diameter, 9. 5 inches of width, 8 inches of tire diameter). Meanwhile, the front wheels measure 11 × 6-5 (11 inches in diameter, 6 inches wide, 5 inches in tire diameter). Please leave a comment below if you have ever used the Bad Boy Mz48.

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